“Never too late to experience freedom” — Talk by Patricia Woodard, CS

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Patricia Woodard, CS
“Never too late to experience freedom”
A fresh perspective on God and God’s creation brings healing now, just as it did in Jesus’ time.
by Patricia Woodard, CS — from Dallas, Texas

About this talk:

How often during these times of this pandemic we’re reminded that we are navigating through uncharted waters.

We may find ourselves asking, when social distancing is lifted what will my life look like, will I have a job, how will I pay the bills, what about this disease, am I really safe? And what about my children?

In this lecture I explore ideas that I and others have found uplifting and freeing when going through such waters. I’ll share from my own experiences how I’ve found freedom, peace and healing, whether it was from a contagious disease or from a ‘no way out’ financial difficulty.

Christ Jesus’ times were not a lot unlike our own. He taught and proved how to be free of illness, poverty, all the etcetera’s of life. I’ll discuss the fundamental basis of Jesus’ healing ministry. This lecture also explores how the discovery of a 19th-century woman named Mary Baker Eddy—who found freedom from chronic illness, isolation, and other struggles in her own life—shows the provable relevance of Jesus’ ministry in our lives today.

I’ll also share the way Christian Science has brought healing rescuing me from a troubling situation with my teenage daughter as well as examples of how it has helped others from different walks of life. The common thread through these experiences is the way a clearer view of the reality of our God-given wholeness also releases us from burdens in our lives and we find it’s never too late to experience freedom.

Sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, San Francisco, CA

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