“Conflict resolution: A spiritual approach” — Talk by John Tyler, CSB

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John Tyler

“Conflict resolution: A spiritual approach”
by John Tyler, CSB — from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This talk examines several specific conflicts from marital to nation-building. It identifies some practical ways of resolving them. It explores two of these — forgiveness and learning to love — and shows how they lead to healing national conflicts and even physical bodies.

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Phone: (412) 683-6145
Email: jmtyler1@verizon.net

Follow-up ideas:

  • Careful study of Eddy’s essay “Love your enemies”, Miscellaneous Writings pp 8-13.
  • Take a concrete case of someone, or some group whom you could define as an “enemy”.  Then “look upon the object of your own conception”, and work with your own thinking to the point where you are able to see that “that which defiles, defaces, and dethrones the Christ-image that you should reflect” is the real enemy.
  • The goal here is to reach the (mental) point where you are able to see—using your spiritual sense—to see though both the facade of a physical body, and the facade of a being or group which has a nefarious history—see through those facades to the creation of God, the image and likeness of God.  Thus you will, mentally, be looking at God…something you can’t help but love.

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  1. Nancy in Canada Reply

    Thank you for your lecture on such an important topic. I am sharing on my Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter. With much gratitude and warm wishes, Nancy Mangan

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