“Mary Baker Eddy’s Legacy: 150 Years of Practical Spirituality” — Talk by Tony Lobl, CS

Tony Lobl, CS
Mary Baker Eddy’s Legacy:
150 Years of Practical Spirituality

Tony Lobl, CS – from Surrey, England

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Follow-up Resources

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By today’s lecturer, in Medium, Tony Lobl – 7 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Mary Baker Eddy

Biography by feminist scholar, Dr Gillian Gill – This is strong on the social context in which Mary Baker Eddy lived. – https://www.amazon.com/Mary-Baker-Eddy-Radcliffe-Biography/dp/0738202274

Biography by church scholars. Yvonne Fetweiss and Rob Warneck – This is strong on Mary Baker Eddy’s experiences as a healer – https://www.amazon.com/Mary-Baker-Eddy-Christian-Amplified/dp/0875104797

Other biographies on Mary Baker Eddy – https://www.marybakereddylibrary.org/research/timeline-for-biographies-of-mary-baker-eddy/

For more information visit the website of  The Mary Baker Eddy Library – https://www.marybakereddylibrary.org

About this talk

Higher education can be a life-changing experience for many. It was for me. I loved the adventure of my student days. Yet as my University experience drew to a close an entirely new and unsought adventure came my way when I was introduced to Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This was “higher education” of another kind — a deep dive into the “the things of Spirit” and their practical applicability to every facet of life. The book also led me to read and love the Bible.

Led by an intuition not to pursue a conventional career, I wove voluntary work and various freelance roles into periods of time spent quietly studying the “textbooks of Christian Science” (Science and Health and the Bible). I quickly saw the potential of this completely spiritual system of healing when I was healed of recurring sinusitis without drugs and freed from a gambling addiction without counseling or peer group support. My passion became to share this powerful “divine Science” I benefited from with anyone seeking solutions to unmet needs.

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