“Spiritual discovery: How you can better the world” — Talk by Tom McElroy, CS

Tom McElroy, CS
Spiritual discovery: How you can better the world

Tom McElroy, CS – from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

At a time when many people are thinking about how to make change in the world for the better, genuine spirituality has a valuable and unique contribution to make. It’s not about joining a club, or blind faith, but discovering new perspectives of universal Truth and Love, God, that embrace everyone, and bring to light reliable healing solutions even where it might seem like there are none.

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Follow-up Idea:

Read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Read it to discover something. That is, read it as you would explore some new area where you were adventuring – not with the idea that you are going to use it for your purpose, but rather to simply see what it has to offer, and to consider its implications for your life, and for all life. Let the ideas in the speak to you, uplift you, educate you; let yourself be on the receiving end of whatever living truth is contained in the pages of the book.

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