“Experiencing heaven now” — Talk by Mary Bothwell, CSB

Video replay (this is a more recent version of Mary’s talk

Mary Bothwell, CSB
“Experiencing heaven now”
by Mary Bothwell, CSB — from Pasadena, California

In spite of the hyper-connectedness of social media and technology, we live in an era in which many are feeling a disconnect. We all yearn to find meaningful relationships, or a more lasting connection with peace, contentment, even health. In my lecture, I’ll discuss how anyone can become genuinely aware of God’s presence and experience heaven–harmony, health, and happiness–here and now.

Speaker’s Contact Information

Phone: (626) 222-4197
Email: mary@marybothwell.com

For further reflection

Study the first chapter, “Prayer,” in Science and Health

  • Pay particular attention to the descriptions of what prayer is
  • Think about how to pray with the Lord’s Prayer to gain closeness to God (being in the Kingdom) and be better in touch with your own spirituality

Consider a specific situation in your life that needs to be healed or cured — health or emotional issues; relationship, school, or job-related challenges; any of the world’s problems

  • Apply something you learned from your study of “Prayer” and your deeper understanding of the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Keep up daily prayer about the issue until you feel the spiritual shift which indicates healing

Some useful articles  on the topic of gun violence:

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