“The Science of Christianity” — Talk by Mary Alice Rose, CSB

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Mary Alice Rose, CSB

“The Science of Christianity”
by Mary Alice Rose, CSB — from Brookeville, Maryland

Can there really be a science to Christianity?  Are there really spiritual laws that can be proven reliably? Former applied physical scientist, and now international speaker Mary Alice Rose, says, “Christian Science is rooted in the scientific method.  I’ve witnessed examples in my own life and that of others illustrating how spiritual laws can be put into practice.”

Speaker’s Contact Information

Phone: (301) 570-0227
Email: marosecsb@gmail.com

Follow-up Ideas

  • Read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. You can read it online or buy a hardcopy or e-edition at christianscience.com, the official website for Christian Science. To get a full understanding of the teachings of Christian Science, you will want to read the book from cover to cover. But as a follow-up to this lecture, you might be particularly interested in the chapters on “Prayer” and “Science, Theology, Medicine”. The last chapter of Science and Health consists entirely of testimonies of healing by people who have found healing simply by reading this revolutionary book about the Bible.
  • Subscribe to the Christian Science Bible Lessons (also at christianscience.com). These weekly Bible lessons consist of correlated citations from the Bible and Science and Health. (Mary Baker Eddy ordained these two books as the official Pastor of the Christian Science church. It’s wonderful to have my Pastor always with me!) Each Bible Lesson delves into the concept of healing, scientific Christianity and its present-day application in our daily lives. The Bible Lessons provide a wonderful method of self-study. They will help you become familiar with the Bible from Genesis through Revelation, and teach you about your relationship with God and how to pray with confidence and expectation of healing.

1 thought on ““The Science of Christianity” — Talk by Mary Alice Rose, CSB

  1. Ingrid Reply

    Yes, of course these spiritual, absolute laws can be applied, it has been proven in my life for the last 4 decades with many healings in myself, family, friends and the comunity. If u are interested, doubtful, or just want to know, give yourself a try to deepen into a study of this great Science of the Christ, it is the only way to find out!
    Blessings to u 👍🏻 Love n Peace IB 😊

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